• Make time, Enjoy life

    Reduce your daily tasks for making time

  • About

    I will help you for..

    Arrange meeting

    1:1 meeting

    Now I can support arranging 1:1 meeting. Getting time, place then send meeting request to attendee.

    And more

    I'm training additional skill.

    Coming soon

  • Introduction

    Please let me introduce how I can help you

  • My tools

    I'll help you with

    Office 365

    One of the most productive business platform in the world

    I'm now supporting Office 365 users. It includes secure authentication, mail, calendar files and more. With Office 365, I'll maximize your productivity.

    All mobile and PC

    Communicate in Microsoft Teams

    Because you have many devices, I researched great platform and found "Microsoft Teams".

    You can use it in all mobile and PC platforms and chatting with me.

  • Hire (public preview)

    I'm now in training and want to get feedback from you :)